Singapore Property Agent Email Database

Build your cobroke network today with over 20,000 emails from fellow property agents in Singapore.

Singapore Property Agent Email List

Email lists are an effective tool for B2B marketing and cobroke advertising.

Usage of the list can be applied for new launch project internal and external cobroke marketing, tagger marketing, resale cobroke marketing, TOP resale and rental cobroke marketing and recruitment marketing

Build up your network today. If you are able to establish yourself as the go-to agent in your networks, you will be flooded with enquiries daily!

Why Email Marketing?

In today’s world, information is KING. The industry has shifted greatly these past few years. We are headed in the direction where value has to be provided beforehand, if we truly want our business to succeed.

Email marketing is an excellent way to keep your cobroke partners constantly updated, and also for reaching out to form new partnerships and bring your business to greater heights.

5 Reasons Why Email is Still Going Strong for Businesses

1) Less intrusive than SMS marketing. Your partners are able to read at their own pace, at an appropriate time.


2) Much more affordable than the skyrocketing costs of social media and PPC marketing. Email marketing can be used alone, or in conjunction with your other advertising outlets, but you never need to worry about stopping your email campaigns due to high costs.


3) No limit on your content. Input as much information that you find useful, without worrying on character limits (eg. sms) or content disapproval (eg. social media advertising).


4) Email marketing trumps SMS marketing in the ability to add visuals. Use photos, sales charts, infographics and other visual aids to not just capture your viewer’s attention, but also to provide value to them and their clients.


5) Email is a rugged system that is built to handle individual needs, or in bulk. It has a better ability to handle large databases as compared to Whatsapp groups.

What Do We Do?

We are a database provider of over 20,000 email addresses of property agents in Singapore.

• Emails in our database are obtain through the public domains.

• These emails can be manually sourced, but the task is very demanding and could take months of manual work for an individual to complete compiling 20,000 emails. (We know because this is what we do.)

• We have consolidated over 20,000 emails as a service to you, so that you can save the tedious work of doing it yourself. 


Database Price: $299 $199

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What are cobroke lists useful for?

A: Cobroke lists are used to build up an email network and reach out to your internal and external cobroke partners for new launch projects, resale and recruitment.


Q: Will you help me to send email blasts?

A: No. We are only the cobroke email database provider. Once you have downloaded the database, you can find an affordable vendor that does this for you, or you can send emails on your own without going through a email marketing middleperson.


Q: How many email addresses are provided?

A: We provide over 20,000 email addresses, one of the highest number that you can obtain in the market.


Q: Why is this database no longer updated as of 07 February 2018?

A: Email addresses are no longer provided on the public domain from 07 February 2018 onwards by the agencies, therefore there is no real value to keep the database updated since.


Q: Do all email addresses in the list work?

A: Unlike other database providers that may use low quality sources, we have a very high percentage of these emails that are fully working as they were provided by the agent’s themselves to the agency. However, there is no guarantee that each and every one of the email addresses work. No database vendor can assure you that. As you know, individuals may change their email address anytime they like, therefore there is no full-proof control over this.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Due to the nature of our product, there are strictly no refunds once the download link has been provided to you.


Q: Is the download link available immediately?

A: You will be redirected to the download page once payment is completed, where you can download the files right away. The download link will also be automatically be sent to your email within 20 minutes once payment has been received.


Q: What if I did not receive the download link via email?

A: Firstly, be sure to check if your payment was successful. If payment is clear, kindly check your spam box in case our email was mistakenly directed there. The download link takes up to 20 minutes to be sent to you. If you still have yet to receive 20 minutes after successful payment, drop us an email with your transaction number, and we will send you the download link again.


Q: How long will the download link last?

A: Make sure to download your files within 3 calendar days. After 3 days, the download link will no longer be valid.

Please take note of the following before making your purchase:


• From 07 February 2018, email addresses of new and certain existing real estate salespersons are no longer updated into the public register / domains.

• We will no longer be updating the database from 07 February 2018.

• If other vendors have an “up-to-date” database, these changes are likely not applied to email addresses.

• Please read our Frequently Asked Questions section thoroughly.

Remember, leads don’t come knocking on your door while you wait.

You need to generate a a system to reach out and build your networks, to always keep expanding and growing and bringing your business to greater heights.

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Database Price: $299 $199

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